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Roy gudem
PPSA, GPU CR2, Efiap/b, hon.cpe, es.cpe, a.cpe.
I am an amateur photographer from southern Norway. My interest for photography started in 1989. I BOUGHT MY FIRST SLR IN SWEDEN IN 1992, IT WAS A PENTAX P30. after 10 years with analog, mostly fuji velvia slide film, I switched to digital in 1999. i have used several different camera brands over the years, however I now use a Pentax k-1 camera.
regularly I participate in photographic competitions, International Salons. the awards, certificates and distinctions from international photographic organizations are the result of entering in these competitions.
as you can see from the pictures my focus and main subject now is within the realm of model photography. I participate in workshops and do private shoots.
This website will be updated irregularly, basically when I have some new pictures.
thank you for visiting my website 🙂
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