Roy Gudem Photography.

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I am an amateur photographer from southern Norway.

EFIAP/b (Excellence FIAP Bronze)
EFIAP (Excellence FIAP)

AFIAP (Artiste FIAP)

PPSA (Proficiency PSA)

Third Star Monochrome

Second Star Travel
Forth Star Color

Third Star Nature

PSA Who’s Who in Photography.

2016: PID Color and PID Monochrome
2007: Colorslide and Electronic Image Division
2006: Electronic Image Division
2005: Colorslide and Electronic Image Division
2004: Colorslide and Electronic Image Division
2003: Colorslide
2002: Colorslide
2001: Colorslide and Natureslide
1998: Colorslide
1997: Colorslide
1996: Colorslide