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I am an amateur photographer from southern Norway. My interest for photography started in 1989. After a few years I discovered International Salons. To my surprise I had some success in these competitions, so I started working towards distinctions and certificates from international photo organizations. But after 20 years there were no more inspiration or creativity left. The last thing I ever wanted to do again was take pictures. Every piece of photo equipment were sold, didn’t even keep a small compact camera.
A few years passed and I started participating in salons again. Then I realized it was not photography I was bored with, it was the subject. One thing I had never photographed was people. So by coincidence in 2015, I found myself participating in a workshop with professional female models. I actually bought a new DSLR only 2 weeks before the workshop. It turned out to be a great experience and the pictures also did quite well in salons. Now I only shoot foreign models and only abroad. I usually do 2-3 shooting trips each year, and still work towards distinctions and certificates. I have used Nikon, Zenith and Canon cameras, however I use Pentax now.
Inter Photo Camp was a annual workshop for 15 years in Czech Republic. I am the only Norwegian photographer to ever participate in this workshop, I did it tree times.
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